Paul Sartin a user in England

We use HVAC Solution on a daily basis to design Hydronic circuits for District Heating Schemes. i.e. one Boiler, miles of underground pipework and heat exchangers at each property to separate the primary, (boiler water), from the secondary, (property heating/dhw), circuits.
We use FloPro when we are designing the interior layouts of the properties in question. By properties, I mean houses, offices & factories. FloPro is good for this because you can actually show walls etc, whereas in HVAC Solution, walls can only be represented as lines.
As you know, HVAC Solution has the ability to import some, but not all, types of interface files, GBXML from Trane etc. What HVAC Solution & FloPro do not have, is a simple means to import an industry standard DWG or DXF file as the drawing sheet.
I have not contacted Ben Davis about this as I thought that you may like to pursue it with him. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to open an existing floor-plan & to be able to ‘draw’ components & pipework directly onto the open floor-plan. It would not be necessary to actually ‘combine’ the floor-plan & the other component layers into one saved drawing as this may infringe copyright laws. But it should be possible to ‘print’ the combined DWG/DXF & component layers, whether as a pdf or any other paper output.
What do you think about the possibility of actually ‘drawing’ on an existing layout?
Very best regards,
Paul Sartin.
Paul Sartin

The Bruce Boucher Consultancy
The Attic,
28, Manor Close, Weston,
Stafford. ST18 0JP
Tel:             +44(0) 1889 270866      
Mobile: 07774 855563


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