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Jerry Hamilton called regarding my experience with the HVAC Solution Software.
We spoke for about 1/2 hour this morning and I told him that I could not be happier with the software and what it does for us.
I told him how I’ve used it on many projects now from the simple systems to the most complex in both new construction and retrofit projects and in the end the actual commissioning holds true to the software’s design information.
We spoke of the “manual way” and utilizing numerous programs to arrive at a design compared to the HVAC Solution Software way and how easy it is to use. I told him that it can be anything that you want and that you are only limited by your own desire to input information.
I shared with him how I use it to do preliminary design that we can turn into an price estimate using the simple features and rules of thumb and standard inputs. I told him that once we get the job then we fine tune the program to get the job specific components we need to do the job and we then input the manufactures data on the exact equipment we purchase to have the exact output for commissioning needs.
I shared my successful experiences on both hydronic and air systems using the HVAC Solutions Software.
Feel free to use me as a referral or an example of a successful user of the HVAC Solution Software.
Take care,
Gary E. Conrad
VP Contracting